The Navigation Blog is all about my journey navigating through life as a 22 year old
27 year old woman- anxiety, lipsticks, G&Ts and all. As Senior Editor of an Internet culture website, I spend my days deep in editorial strategy and dank memes but so rarely write for myself any more- hence this.

I was an early adapter of blogging, taking to publishing sites at twelve years old and creating cringe-worthy content for way over half my life. The past fifteen years have seen me blog on and off, carve out a career as a respected journalist and social media manager and even appear on television quite a few times chatting everything for infertility to keeping safe online. I’ve found the Internet both an inspiration and a danger when it comes to tackling anxiety and it’s something I’m passionate about discussing on this blog in a positive and healthy way. Of course, there’ll be updates about the best beauty stores in London, my burning desire to find eternal youth and my mishaps along the way.