Stuff I Don’t Need But Very Much Want #1

I like things. I am a woman in her late-20s with a disposable income, no boyfriend to spend £300 on at at Christmas/Valentine’s Day/23 week anniversary. I go out- sometimes out out- and I like to look nice.

On the flip side, I have student debt that shockingly doesn’t go away if you ignore it. I also live in one of the most expensive cities in the world and am prone to a £4.50 M&S ready meal three times per week. Ultimately, I need to curb my spending if I want to even consider buying a house/getting married living to the ripe old age of 35.


So this series is all about a bit of window shopping; dangling the ASOS carrot in front of my eyes and feeling like a success when I wait three weeks to buy it after getting a free delivery code.

I know I have too many clothes in my wardrobe, I know I have shoes coming out of my ears (not literally) and I know I don’t need another mint green nail polish but why do companies have to make things that are so darn pretty?

Here’s what I’m lusting after this week…

Fashion wish list

Trousers, £35, ASOS Curve

Ankle boots I could never walk in, £45, ASOS

GRL PWR iron on patch, £6, Etsy

Liquid lipstick I already own in 39 near identical shades, £4.99, Barry M

Do I have terrible taste? Absolutely. Will I not buy this stuff and feel like I’ve saved around £100 and reward myself with a new dress? You betcha!


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