Mermaid Hair

Mermaid Hair: 5 Of The Best Instagram Accounts To Follow

Once upon a time I had neon pink hair. And I loved it. A sharp contradiction to my now auburn locks, the neon pink literally glowed as I walked down the High Street and make me look both incredible and like a five foot ten giant highlighter. I kept the colour for around two months, eventually growing tired of the upkeep and resorting back to my kind-of-ginger-kind-of-brown look that has stayed with me for the last six years or so.

However, I always crave mermaid hair. I want green and blues hues. I want to go grey. I want to be lilac and turquoise and platinum all in one… And yet I know I’d get bored, complain about the cost or end up having an at-home disaster and going bald.

So to cure my cravings and give me some inspiration for a potential “yolo” moment in the future (I just said “yolo” in 2016- someone shoot me) I’ve taken to following loads of coloured hair Instagram accounts and living through them.

Below I’ve listed five of my favourites but I’ve been known to spend hours scrolling through the #DyedGirls hashtag on Instagram and liking literally everything. If you’ve got a favourite account that’ll give me ultimate hair goals, let me know in the comments below.









A post shared by DyedGirls (@dyedgirls) on



Yay or Nay??😍 @caitlinfordhair

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Most of these accounts are accumulations of the best hair on the net, which is fine by me and provide me hours of scrolling pleasure. BRB, I feel a trip to Boots coming on!

PS/ Don’t forget to follow The Navigation on Instagram.

Asset image by InTheFrow.


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